Fun workshop at #hive15


Image above is by the folks from Lego

Super excited that Tip and I from got to present our taster workshop “Create The Life You Love (home, work & all the rest)” at the Hive Conference today!   

Not only was it emerging for us, the gorgeous folks who joined us told us they had fun and it was a privilege to get them shifted and moving and yes, actually started on things they were holding themselves back from!  

Heck they even tweeted about us!


 Super excited and blessed to get to give these and help coach and teach people wisdom we’ve learned! 

Bring on more!

Thanks to all those who came to our workshop for your warm acceptance and Yvonne from the Hive Conferece for having us! 

Your sweet spot…

I haven’t written here in so long and it’s time to blow this site up and start a-new (with an archive just in case ;))

In the meantime, I thought you’d like this doodle of Dave Pollard‘s work:

I keep hearing people talk about their “work” and figured I should share Dave’s Venn diagram on finding “your sweet spot” (drawn quickly by me).

I especially like the purpose part being about what the world needs. It’s much easier to focus on than “economics” and money etc usually follows when you truly are working to purpose.

Hope it inspires you today too.

Tx Maya & Tip for both bringing it back to my attention this last week

Wangari Maathai & The Hummingbird

Wangari Maathai died today.
I heard her speak in 2005 at the Clinton Global Initiative. She was a lady who planted trees.
Like Jonny Appleseed. Or the man who planted trees. She was certainly a hummingbird.
A special woman who’s best was pretty darn impressive.
Thank you Wangari. Thank you. The world thanks you.

ps thanks cathryn for letting me know